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Living Room - Room-2-Go

$1399.99 Room-2-Go

$1699.99 Room-2-Go

$1999.99 Room-2-Go

$1399 Greaves Stone Sofa Chaise Room-2-Go

$1399 Renshaw Pebble Sofa Chaise Room-2-Go

$1399 Greaves Driftwood Sofa Chaise Room-2-Go

$1399 Marleton Sectional Room-2-Go

$1699 Altari Sofa & Love Room-2-Go

$1699 Stairatt Sofa & Love Room-2-Go

$1699 Deltona Sofa & Love Room-2-Go

$1699 Cascilla Sofa & Love Room-2-Go


Room-2-Go is the perfect solution for extreme deals, customizable to your needs. You can either choose a full set that may fit best for you; as well as pick your own items from any set! This is not only our best deal yet, it is also our favorite way for our customers to feel like they made the optimal purchase. 

Do not miss out on this special deal as furniture will sell out fast. 

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