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When you walk into your bedroom after a long day at work, do you feel relaxed and glad to be home? If not, maybe your furnishings are the problem.

If you've ever had a nice long rest in a cozy recliner, you know how contented the experience can make you feel. When it comes to watching the game or settling back with a good book, it's hard to beat a nice recliner. It's true—no piece of furniture can outdo a recliner when it comes to comfort.

It's just days away. Super Bowl 50 that is! If you're hoping to host a party that will live up to the game, it's time to take inventory!

It is All About Your TV

You know you've been putting up with a less-than-perfect viewing experience, but now that friends are planning to enjoy Super Bowl 50 at your place, it's a good time to do something about it. This is where the beauty of rent to own comes into play.